Arteast are part of the forthcoming exhibition called Misbehaviour

The work that Arteast have made for the Misbehaviour Exhibition have been some Dog sculptures. Some of the members who were involved in making the dogs are featured in this photo.


Here is a link to the exhibition  http://exhibitions.weebly.com/misbehaviour-2014.html


What is the name of the dog?

The dog’s name is Geo, we made it pink since he likes being unusual, different and we were also listening Pink floyd’ s song when we chose a pink colour for him.


Why did you make a pink dog for the theme misbehaviour?

We thought the dogs sometimes misbehave therefore making a dog could represent the theme quite well. As we have mentioned we chose the pink colour since we though Geo likes being a rebel dog, he wants to look different from the others to show the world he doesn’t agree with the “dog’s rules”.

To be continued….

Here is a picture of Yasemin with the two dogs that are going to be exhibited.

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